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Cloud and the county "skillfully deflected the question" help wood to play small micro enterprise development

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Cloud and the county "skillfully deflected the question" help wood to play small micro enterprise development

* : * : admin * : 2016-11-01 * : 276
Yunhe County Market Supervision Bureau, combined with the actual county, according to local conditions, the "three-year micro-enterprise growth plan" focused on the main industry wooden toy industry, is committed to creating "easy access to encourage entrepreneurial innovation" market atmosphere, Wood to play a small business growth. Up to now, in 2016 wood new small enterprises to play 195, an increase of 178.57%, accounting for 55.87% of total new small and micro enterprises.
First, two kinds of park construction. Adhere to the two online and offline construction of the park, built the county's first wooden toy small micro-enterprise industrial park, has built 39 standard factory buildings, a total investment of 110 million yuan, as of now, 66 enterprises have settled in the park and Put into production; February of this year, the county built a comprehensive cloud and e Park, set up a 100-bit guest room space, open up new platform for the development of electricity to create a city-level e-business model 2, the current total of the county The registration of the wood playing electric companies 315 companies.
Second, two companies visited. The Bureau to give full play to "shop small two" spirit, the initiative will be small and micro enterprises even enterprises visit and a "turn enterprises" enterprise return visit into the daily supervision, in-depth business, pulse auscultation, face-to-face guidance to help solve business development problems, Focus on product quality, trademark brand building and market share, and promote the quality of enterprises to upgrade.
Third, the two sides to eliminate concerns. In 2016 to help enterprises to raise funds from the bank 17000000 yuan; help to promote the introduction and implementation of the policy-oriented enterprises, the use of fixed assets, This year successfully fulfilled the 2015 brand creation and quality of construction award 39 enterprises, the award amounting to 1.426 million yuan.
Fourth, break through two innovations. At present, the "Zhejiang manufacturing" and "machine substitutions" become two new words, help enterprises started their own reputation, by the Zhejiang and Toys Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Colorful Crafts Co., Ltd. jointly declared "wooden toys" "Zhejiang" Under the promotion of "machine-substituting" era, the semi-automatic production line project of wooden toy manufacturing in Zhejiang Jin'er Tai Toy Co., Ltd. has been successfully selected into the "City of Machine-Building" project, which has been successfully incorporated into the project of "Made in Zhejiang" Replacement "of a typical demonstration projects of technological transformation," for "a decline in labor costs," change "out of the production efficiency," for "a guarantee of product quality.