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Cloud and wood to play the product why difficult to buy?

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Cloud and wood to play the product why difficult to buy?

* : * : admin * : 2016-03-30 * : 322
【On-site politics】
Cloud and the wooden toys famous at home and abroad, but at present, most of the wooden play products for export, for tourists, want to buy these products is not how convenient.
In the cloud and terraced fields, the reporter came to the commercial center of the terrace visitors, found here wooden toys shop. In the clouds and cents Lake area and other places the main commercial street, the reporter did not find wooden toy store. The main street in the clouds and the county seat of the pedestrian street in the mountain area, the local public told reporters that there is no on the scale of tourism products store.
It is understood that the cloud and there is no one can provide visitors to focus on the purchase of wooden toys and other tourist features of the blocks or places. Because of foreign trade products to consider the patent, cost of sales and scenic passenger factors, most of the wooden toy manufacturers have not wooden toys packaged into the idea of tourism products.
In addition, the cloud and the tourism authorities in the construction of tourism characteristics of commodity blocks or places this area has not yet mature ideas. Tourism professionals believe that, at present, the city to build a centralized tourism characteristics of commodity blocks is still in its infancy, there are more problems.
【Responsive Commitment】
Clouds and county Party Standing Committee, deputy county Magistrate Shi Jinhua said, the next step on a profound analysis of the problem, find a solution to the problem, focusing on thinking of three measures, Crack travel short board. First, the county focused on planning a wooden toy distribution center, this place can stop eating, but also play shopping. Second, to guide enterprises to play more wooden shopping points, and actively expand the domestic sales, through domestic sales, both the products sold, but also to meet the needs of tourists. Third, increase publicity, in the clouds and terraces, clouds and Xiangong Lake scenic spots such as good management, promotion of good shopping, so that visitors can easily find shopping, buy wooden play products.
【Expert Comments】
Shopping should become an important breakthrough in Lishui tourism through the clouds and wood play as a breakthrough to solve the problem of shopping in Lishui tourism." Hangzhou Normal University, said Zhou Shaoxiong, director of tourism, cloud and wood play famous at home and abroad, the market demand. The first to study the market, for the market to find short board. Second, the development of products, which the Government should give enterprises more wooden platform to support part of the enterprise. Third, innovative shopping channels and methods to extend the shopping point out, the development of online shopping channels to point to the surface, I believe that tourism will be out of a new level of Lishui, tourism and tourism and the formation of a new manufacturing industry.